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Hi Achievers, So many Celebrity, Billionaires, and Millionaire lose control of life and lose the power used to have.
We don't deserve suffering. If we want escape from the same tragedy, we have to use the mind at awakening level organically after the obstacles are removed. Dr Angela Wilson can Take One To the Journey though bootcamp without the need suffering from decades or lifetime practise...

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The 1-On-1 Appointment
We don't know what we don't know.
Live By Choice but not by chance!!!
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.

Image You Will Have The Qualities...

Imagine that you can be skilled to bypass the tricks in investment?

You have most delicate critical thinking with Sherlock Holmes, detective quality in emotion in any critical need? 
You have the skills that spiritual gurus don’t have in business world.

You can be sharp, accurate, rational and practical 

You can identify the loopholes and bypass the mind triggers, access the full potential.

You are a walking powerhouse, 
That can break the waves like a lighthouse
You never have problem with 
High performance, productivity 
As it becomes a part of your quality. 
You don't need to struggle on how to figure out the solution in mind. I work-You-though just like Samurai, Kung Fu, Martial arts class as it is martial arts of Mind.
You don't need to waste time on ineffective meditation anymore, you don't have chance to feel procrastination, poor performance, low productivity, stress, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, suffering the symptom of ADHD...
You don't need to panic with addiction, unnecessary expense, traumatic situation...
You know you can stay success without being tripped...

You Have Many Options....
Simply Choose The One Fits !!!

Style: Interactive Coaching And Training

This is remote Face-To-Face Course that combines coaching and training into one. Very interactive. Transformation On The spot.
Delivery Style: Q & A | Theory | Case Study | sharp and practical, 
Tailored for individual VIP ticket Holder Result-driven for the needs of attendees

Now it's time for the....

You Are Just One Skill Away 
From The New Future!

To summarize, you will start to use Mind in a way that can bypass the triggers. You will learn the skill on how not to allow any internal suffering occur in you business, career and personal life along the life journey.

The course combines training and coaching into one. It covers all angles in life journey. 
You have option of doing 1-on-1 Coaching that may cover 8-10 hours in totally.
You can either live the rest of life as how your mind were and lose control in life or take the power back!
Remember, you're just one skill away...
-Dr Angela Wilson
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