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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I do If I couldn't comprehend with the content on the website?
A: You have two options. No.1 leave it. This is the normal attitude for human brain. No.2 sign up for free education and catch up with the education, so you will be ready for any unexpected future and able to control the trend.
2. Why do those successful individuals attract bad luck even they get result when manifesting wealth? 
A: Nothing in the universe is free. There is always a price for it, if we don't have the inner power. for detail, sign up for the free video training. 
3. Why do not Law Of Attraction work all the time?
A: As I always mention, nothing is free and we can not take things for granted. If you don't attract what you want, it doesn't mean bad. You may save yourself from big trouble. Look at those who feel good with Law of attraction, at certain point of time in life, something negative may happen.  Be careful with what you may attract and the side-effect of it. For detail,sign up for the free video training.
4. Abundance Is a fantasy or reality?
A: Abundance Is accessible with conditions 
5. Steve Jobs was a very spiritual person, but he killed himself because of blind trust on natural path. What is your opinion about that?
A: The word "Spiritual"person only means someone who accept or have a certain knowledge or awareness of the invisible world.  It has nothing to do with professionalism at high level with understanding on how to bypass the traps and triggers ...
Spiritual world is like the world we live. There are good and bad ...
4. Abundance Is a fantasy or reality?
A: Abundance Is accessible with conditions 
Guideline On Options
It doesn't really matter the help you seek for are relevant with corporate, business, individual, critical situation. All are from the mind. We use different pages to describe the same thing, the mind, from different angles based on the needs.
Q & A - Unlimited Fulfilment
1. What if I don't know what I am looking for?
A: You can book strategical comprehensive Consultation that aim to build up the success blueprint and implementation for life.
It will cover the whole life experience, business, career and personal life. The process will be upto 4 hrs.
Q & A - Magic  Turn Around
1. What Is The Process if I Want To Get Help?
A: This service normally is the upgrade offer for existing clients. 
As a new client, you need to book the comprehensive Consultation up to 4hrs, so Dr has enough time to build a ultimate solution for the complex situation. 
Q & A - Individual Breakthrough
1. I may have ADHD and I am successful. I have fear to get diagnosed, But I suffer a lot too. What Is The solution?
A: We consulate, coach on how you manage the emotion, trends and remove the obstacles, If you want to get rid of the mind state you don't want, we coach you how to tame, and vanish it.
    1. I Am A Leader of Networking Business. What Can You Do For Us?
    A:  Like any other business, only a small percentage of success rate. Networking business is very competitive. There are high percentage dropping rate due to various reason specially because of the conflicts between the three levels of minds.
    As we can help your team remove all obstacles in the deep mind, and implement fast what knowledge they have learnt. We can tailor the coaching based on the needs. 
      1. I am a scientist. I take medical pills for years and it makes me unproductive in my career and I can not enjoy the prosperity I always want. How can I free from Medical Pills? 
      A: Dr Will build up a strategy based on the needs of your requirement, and you will start learning how to handle the emotion trends on daily bases. Dr will keep in touch with you 24/7 and walk-You-Though. When you are ready, Dr will remove the mind obstacles that makes you stuck with.  You will learn a new skill of how to use the mind. As you master on how to bypass the triggers, the symptoms vanished will not repeat again.  Your powerful mind will never need to rely on pills.
        Q & A - Corporate
        1. I am a board member and I feel hard to deal with overloaded tasks, specially I have different investment that I need to involve with. What is the solution?
        A: In the 12 months package, we take over all headaches in the thinking. You just need to contact Dr directly with a special walky-Talky app, and the answer and solution will be delivered to you. If you are not sure about the investment, Dr may ask you send photos of those who engage with your money if necessary, to you can make a quick and safe decision.
          1. I am a corporate manager. I feel my position is in danger because I can not handle the relationship anymore. Yes, I do medication, drinks socially. but now it doesn't work. What Is The solution?
          A: Dr will remove the obstacles in the mind for you. You will contact Dr whenever needed so you don't lose control before you master the new skill of using the mind.
            Q & A - Small Business
            1. As an employee, I earned good money. Now I want to run own business and only want to succeed. What Is The solution?
            A: You can be a overnight Pro-entrepreneur with strategic training on the mind. we provide a series service to ensure the success. whatever mind knowledge and skill you need is covered. You can reach Dr 24/7 without wasting time because of procrastination and fear.  
              Q & A - Why You?
              1. Is Dr's service for everyone ? who Is a fit?
              A: Dr aims to assist those who only just want the result but also have ability to make commitment to get the result.
              You can either pay for Done-For-You offer, Dr do all hard mind evoking process for you or you can follow the instructure to master the skills
                1. Who Is not for?
                A: We aim to assist achievers who are used to pay for result or invest for more profit. We don't serve those who are not in a competitive position and aim to leverage success to a new level. 
                But we do have charity offer  at www.PeaceTalk.org 
                  Q & A - About Us
                  1.  It Seems there is a variety of Service. How does Every offer Connect?
                  A: Human's life journey Is a joint net of different activity. all activities comes from the action manifested in life based on mind.  As long as it is from the mind, it will be part of the trigger in the future for whatever might happen. As a mind Technician, we specialize to identify the triggers and risks hidden.
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