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"If the individual's greatest weakness is the desire for money, I begin to dangle coins before him, figuratively speaking. I intensify his desire and induce him to go after money. Then when he gets near it I snatch it away from him."

--Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil, P112

Laziness + Indifference = Procrastination = Drifting.

--Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil, P86

Drifting is only one of my tricks through which I take over the power of independent thought.  

--Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil, P83

 Drifting is the most common cause of failure in every walk of life. I can control anyone whom I can induce to form the habit of drifting on any subject. 

--Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil, P89

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"Q Tell me of the most common habits by which you control the minds of people. 
A: That is one of my cleverest tricks: I enter the minds of people through thoughts which they believe to be their own... Then I can set up habits which keep the doors ajar forever. …

Path To Liberty In The Mind Matrix

--Fastrack Program is designed for aspiring people with less complex of interpersonal relationship and connections 
Imagine You Will Have The Qualities...

Escape From All Trapps and Tricks that are mentioned or refused to mention by the Devil interviewed in Outwitting The Devil , Napoleon Hill

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