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Are You Familiar With Those Techniques That Don't Work well? 
  • Each Technique has weakness and loopholes
  • ​Most Techniques are created with minds Suffering from obstacles & limitation
  • ​Each Technique can not fit all different individuals
  • ​Each individual has dynamic emotion that can trigger the instability of result
  • ​Each individual has own potential that need special care but not get fulfilled
Consequence Of Staying At The Limited Mind Range-The Mind Prison
Decision From Imprisoned Mind leads To Powerless Future 
  •  Suffer Along the whole life journey of any kinds as not able to dominate the trends of mind
  • ​Success will be in Vain-see link above
  • ​High rate of getting dementia and alzheimer's disease - Lose dignified lifestyle
  • ​May Suffer unexpected enormous pain physically and emotionally at the last stage that no palliative care can help with
There Is A Way To Break The Curse Of Mind Prison
Ultimate Breakthrough For Life
Dr Angela Wilson Release Over 25+ Mind Techniques and 8 Levels of Mind Tool 
One Mastery Lifetime Relief
Dr Angela Wilson Release Over 25 Mind Techniques and 8 Levels of Mind Tool 
Typical Procedure
Consultation & Fix-->
Follow Up-->
Special Bootcamp--> Follow Up
Step 1. Have All Obstacles In The Mind Removed
Dr Will Remove All Knots And Joint All dots In the Three Minds
Permanent Breakthrough
Mental Liberation 
  •  Capability Of Overview Situation in The length of Lifelong Journey
  • ​Spot Loopholes from three Levels of Minds
  • Understand​ The Secret of  Safe Potential and Generate Mind Power 
Step 2. Perform Daily Life With High level of Mind
Dr Angela Wilson Provide 24/7 Support On Your Practical Implementation In...
  •  Master On How To bypass the Triggers from Internal and External ...
  • ​Generation Mind Power & prevent Dementia and Alzheimer when aged
  • ​Forever Free From unwanted emotional problems, keep high performance...
Step 3. Practise Make Perfect -Dealing With...
Dr Angela Wilson Provide Done-For-You Service In Critical Moments...
  •  Master On How To bypass the Triggers from Internal and External ...
  • ​Generation Mind Power & prevent Dementia and Alzheimer when aged
  • ​Forever Free From unwanted emotional problems, keep high performance...
Online Coaching ->  in Group | 1-On-1
 Interactive Coaching And Training
This is remote Face-To-Face Course that combines coaching and training into one. Very interactive. Transformation On The spot.
Delivery Style: Q & A | Theory | Case Study | sharp and practical | Result-driven

Here Is The Brutal Truth....
Most achievers fail to draw a full circle on the lifetime journey
Most achievers like business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, performers, speakers, coaches, ect fail to protect wealth and stay success. 

Based on an article from World Economic Forum, Dr Hokemeyer: “In my clinical practice, I see percentages in the range of 80% of entrepreneurs struggle with a host of personality disorders such as narcissism, sudden wealth syndrome and the impostor syndrome."

They are either caught by early death, in jail, accident, or die with enormous pain. Here are some big names: Canadian Cryptocurrency fund boss gerald Cotten, aged 30 dies 2018 and US $ 190 million of his investors' money may be encrypted forever. Hedge fund investor Tarrant, who bet with Warren Buffett, dies at 63 Aug 5, 2019. Mentalist Dr Scott Lewis failed to avoid "clumsy" death falling out of  balcony. La-van Hawkins, fast-food mogul died at 61 2019. South Korea's President Park Geun hye an awesome leader, led her life to jail, while Steve Jobs, the previous Apple CEO ended his life at age 56.

Nothing happens without a reason, the tragic ending is driven by those subtle but easy be ignored internal suffering accumulated from daily life, like stress, feel overwhelmed, ect. 
Knowledge works only at a conscious mind, and it would not transform us because of the blockage at the subconscious and unconscious mind. 

No matter how much we invest in learning knowledge and philosophy, as long as there is the blockage, we struggle to get the best result. The result can not exceed the limitation of the mind.

Many achievers think "human potential equals Positivity and Result". 
No! It is a big misconception ! 

 So many achievers caught up with mental illness caused by the submissive practice on any techniques including meditation, etc. trying to either solve existing problems or explore the potential but ended up with severe mental, physical health issue, suicide or uncontrollable death.

We can not reach our highest level of Personal Development-Mind development if we don't know how to protect ourselves along the journey.

Do you really believe Steve Jobs, previous App CEO did not go through what you are looking for? He was such a spiritual person and he made years effort on cultivation and personal development. But the truth is that he led himself to death. If he did practise right or if he was coached right, he would be still alive. ---Steve Jobs case is very typical and we use him as case study

Do you really believe Richard Branson never invest in personal development or training on mind? All super achievers invest millions or billions on mind development, but he publically shared his suffering ADHD. If he had a coach who can assist him in getting rid of his the suffering while remaining the positive part of his brain function, Richard would have been free from the mind prison already.

It is not difficult to find so many mind well-trained high achievers ended up suicide like multi-millionaire Jonathan Wraith aged 35, Eli M, Black,Huibert Bomeester aged 49, Christopher Foster aged 50, John Lawrenson, Wayne Pai aged 55, Paul Castle aged 54, Peter Smedley aged 33, Haward Worthington aged 52, ReiJane Huai aged, kate Spade aged 55...

It is so easy to find out high achievers politicians failed to know the tricks of mind and ended up in jail like Park Geun-hye president South Korean 25/02/2013-10/03/2017, Paul Pisasale Mayor Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, etc. 

Mentalist Dr Scott Lewis died by falling out of balcony Jan 13, 2014, the night before his arranged performance at Sydney Opera House, a big show.

Wayne Dyer with Leukemia, a highly respected motivational speaker, died with sudden heart-attack. (The fact is we can monitor our physical state and plan the death but not be taken in a sudden. I have eight levels of techniques, and I release all so achievers can be weaponed dealing with any unexpected or unwanted situation. )

Kongfu Master and Worldly known Actor Jet Li, a loyal follower of his religion, followed the suggest of meditating in a cave where the ancestor of the religion used and he did. The truth is the highest level of reversing health condition in this real-world should be practical with our busy activity. ( In the inner circle package, the advanced Mind Samurai technique will be released and coaches when clients are ready for it!  
We don't need waste time in this kind of medication at all)
Image how much profit on acting he had to give up with the time he lost.
Image how offen he can afford to invest a couple of months in his life just to isolate himself from his reality and focus on meditation without disturbance?

In order not to go through the hard way of medication by "torturing" himself in the cave without food in the future, he can not pursue wealth and success with high performance and productivity like before anymore.

This is why most achievers believe achievement, desire, wealth, and success is the enemy of enlightenment or cultivation.

This is another misconception!!! 

When we are free from Mind Prison, we are a walking power-house that automatically generate the energy with multi-function simultaneously. We can deliver high-performance without the mental struggling. 

Instead, we can be so productive because the mind is also in the meditating state monitoring the amplitude that matches the needs. 

We don't need much sleep at all. We can monitor the health situation and reverse the physical suffering.

We have the shape mind juggling between the three levels of mind, scanning the performance while spotting the trigger from those who may take advantage us and we can identify the setup in business that might lose us millions... How cool is that?

Do you like being capable of this? I share with you; there are so many magics we can do at the state. Like when you master the martial arts or Kong Ku to the highest level, you are free from the forms, there will be no form anymore. Whatever kind of attack comes, you can vanish it!

It is what I am capable of handing over to you, especially when you are in a time-sensitive situation like at the edge of losing mind or life and death moment. 
(I do offer this kind of service on demand for students who need urgent support in this kind of situation while they haven't practiced enough at this level to do themselves)

It is so painful for me to see achievers fail to achieve profound mind development, but it is reasonable on this risky journey like walking on the tightrope. 

The world needs more achievers who have transformed to the highest level. Only then, the world will be a better place.

So I decide to free any achievers From Mind Prison and take any achievers to the level of mind development I use since a kid bypassing all that doesn't work. 

However, you have to give up your ego so I can save you from the potentially threatening situation, tons of money that you will continue lose because of the present suffering or ineffective approach that doesn't show tangible outcome in a short period. 

Don't worry, I reach the level detached from the judgment; otherwise, I would not have the capacity to free achievers from Mind Prison and Live with Inspiration. Cultural barrier, belief Barrier, judgment don't belong to the place where the mind is free. So you are at the safe hand.

As an achiever, you are sensitive with the "Time". A "instant" can be a difference of life or death. A "Instant" can be a bankruptcy or million or billionaire dollar access difference.

Albert Einstein — 'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them'

To make your journey on personal development, mind mastery, self-discovery easy, I will take you there, the level you dream of, the level you want. You just need to ask.

As long as you ask, I can deliver. I feel the pain in you like I had a long time ago. I know that it is not possible to ask you find all adversity I had gone through since birth, which made me who I am today with the soft skill that I am capable of. 

I decide to hold you up. I am tired of sharing my story alone as it is too dry. Instead, I choose to hold you up and take you there. So you can take decades or even thousands of years of effort (using the lyrics from “Dream It Possible”, )

I had gone through a hard time searching for internal freedom from mind prison since birth. I got no help at all as a little kid, but I made my way.
My capability successfully escaped the traps of being taken on physical, mental health.

My capability on spotting liars for investors and save them tons of potential loss made my success in this real-world easy. 

Along my journey to the light I am in now, I have gone through various modalities, academic studies, testing, etc. Each time, I found the gaps between different knowledge. 

Each time I found the loophole of each technique. Each time I made those masters, religion leaders speechless. 

 I am capable of taking you the level you want as I have been there. 
It is beyond the words. You will experience the difference before and after being coaching by me. 

Each day we waste a lot of effort because we don't know how the three minds against each other and left us in a mind maze.
Do you want to retrieve 30-100% wealth loss and secure lifetime success?
Are you stuck with how to leverage wealth and success because of:
poor performance, low productivity, procrastination,fear in sale…,
Stress, leadership, Depression, anxiety, OCD, Cancer, ADHD, PTSD…?

What solution are they looking for?
Have you gone through different coaching, mentoring, seminars on mindset, mastermind, psychology?
Have you tried therapies, healings, spirituality, religions, ect?

Have you figure out why has nothing worked thus far?
Because you need someone who knows fulcrum And Lever to you, so you can dominate your world. 

How Long Can You Afford To Continue The Same Way ...
Steve Jobs Failed, Kate Spade Gave Up the fight, Mentalist Scott Lewis lost control, President Park suffer in Jail, many achievers lost fortune in partnership, we are smart to learn lessons from others. 
Awareness doesn't really help Only Solution Counts!
Critical factors that most successful individuals are facing 

Achievers most of time have a sense of urgency in time, money and knowledge. they are doing the best to be productive, run good cash flow and gain as much knowledge as they can. But if we are handling these kinds of matter with the mind at infacious range of mind sea, we would end up like those who encounter with unwanted destiny go to 

Most achievers feel lack of time, they are running life like rats running around the circle without knowing that they are heading to a wrong direction,  that the eventual failure that others have encountered.

We can gain at least four hours life back each day, which most successful individuals waste without notice. The problems listed at   can be either the fuze of the bomb of tragic ending or the power for staying success, which Dr Angela Wilson coaches in Mind Mamurai Series programs.

Many successful individual invest in different projects and feel tight of cash, without knowing that a percentage of investment might bring tremendous physical and mental stress for various reasons.

Without the soft skill on mastering how our mind can trigger us in a wrong direction, we will loss more. It is so sad to see those who want to attend the training but lack of fund because of big loss in the past and can never be recovered.  

It is so critical to weapon ourselves with essential mind skill to retrieve wealth loss including spot liars behind the investment, business partnership.
Early investment in learning how to be your mind samurai and master how to free from the shortage of funds. 

You may think that you are lack of knowledge about this. Mind Samurai Training is not only about Knowledge, it is more about the master the skill that you can use in daily business, career and personal life. It is Face-To-Face remote online program where students can get to interact with her.It is a Samurai coaching on the mind so the coach has to meet you online personally.

Many successful individuals are trapped by inefficient way of thinking and observation on the surface of the truth that can lead to eventual failure. 

I have been there and I am with you 
I held so much fear each day as a little kid, feeling I might not able to make it the next moment.
When I chose to leave home to escape from the suicide attention, I had been homeless, and no food for days. But I know I had to weapon myself with the skills so I saved every penny, working on construction field, selling toilet paper, baby-sitting, washing dishes to pay my study. 
The Sense Of Freedom Is Such An Amazing Feeling That Last Forever...
When I feel that I am content and I found a new level of internal freedom...

I am person who never feel enough in reaching higher level of sense of freedom, stay success.  I go deeper whenever I get chance to reach a new level of discovery in the three levels of mind and on and on and win the mind gam. This is why This Mind Samurai serie coaching programs exist.

I am like you, I don't want pain and suffering. I want only pleasure, long lasting pleasure. We can make it happen. I am free from the fear of being killed as a kid, to the sense of shame, no dignity, symptoms like social phobia, anxiety, etc you can name it. All your suffering makes mine.

Now I am on a mission to help others just like me who want only internal freedom! 
Mind Power Pack
Essential - Dealing with Daily Life 
  • Tech : Safe Mindset 
Advanced - Dealing With Difficult Relationship 
  • Tech: Safe Mindset | Conscious Mind , Conscious Mind 
Special - Dealing With Critical Relationship
  • Tech: Safe Mindset | Conscious Mind , Conscious & Subconscious Mind 
Elite Power Pack
  • Entrepreneur : Special professional Mind Protection (Story | Case Study | Guide)
  • CEO: Special professional Mind Protection (Story | Case Study | Guide)
  • Politician: Special professional Mind Protection (Story | Case Study | Guide)
  • Performer: Special professional Mind Protection (Story | Case Study | Guide)
E-Book: Million Dollar Mind Samurai
  • Ebook PDF version It Covers nine chapter
  • ​Chapter 1. Personal Development 
  • ​Chapter 2.Maslow's hierarchy of needs 
  • ​Chapter 3. The Myth of Human Mind 
  • ​Chapter 4. Physical Suffering 
  • ​Chapter 5. Emotional Suffering 
  • ​​Chapter 6. Mental Suffering 
  • ​​Chapter 7. Solutions in Infectious Amplitude 
  • ​Chapter 8. Loopholes 
  • ​Chapter 9. Ultimate Dimension of Mind 
E-Book: Mind Power Impossible
  • Explain the Super Bonus
  • ​Chapter 1: Quality Of Wealth
  • ​Chapter 2: Your Concept Of Success
  • ​Chapter 3: Dominate Life As A True Leader
  • ​Chapter 4: Niche Branding
  • ​Chapter 5: Spot Potential Betrayal
  • ​Chapter 6: Characteristic Marketing
  • ​Chapter 7: Empathetic Sale
  • ​Chapter 8: Intentional Time Management
  • ​Chapter 9. Purposeful Productivity
Image You Will Have The Qualities...
Imagine that you can be skilled to bypass the tricks in investment?

You have most delicate critical thinking with Sherlock Holmes, detective quality in emotion in any critical need? 
You have the skills that spiritual gurus don’t have in business world.

You can be sharp, accurate, rational and practical 

You can identify the loopholes and bypass the mind triggers, access the full potential.

You are a walking powerhouse, 
That can break the waves like a lighthouse
You never have problem with 
High performance, productivity 
As it becomes a part of your quality. 

You don't need to struggle on how to figure out the solution in mind. I work-You-though just like Samurai, Kung Fu, Martial arts class as it is martial arts of Mind.

You don't need to waste time on ineffective meditation anymore, you don't have chance to feel procrastination, poor performance, low productivity, stress, anger, depression,anxiety, fear, suffering the symptom of ADHD...
You don't need to panic with addiction, unnecessary expense, traumatic situation...
You know you can stay success without being tripped...
You have many options....
simply Choose the One Fits !!!
Style: Interactive Coaching And Training
This is remote Face-To-Face Course that combines coaching and training into one. Very interactive. Transformation On The spot.
Delivery Style: Q & A | Theory | Case Study | sharp and practical, 
Tailored for individual VIP ticket Holder
Result-driven for the needs  of attendees
You Will Get Awesome benefits, the value of the bonuses 
I will do my best to give you the best valuable offer!
Face-To-Face Remote Global Online
This Technique is so unique and I have to tailor the coaching based on each student. It means I can not run the coaching program like most others though webinar recording. I have to do the job in person.
It means I can only teach limited numbers of students to keep the quality.
This is The Only Coaching On Earth Ever That Can Train You Internal Power
 Face-To-Face Mind-To-Mind
The offer Is Limited!
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You will get the money back if you want to cancel before receiving the products and service!
Now it's time for the....
You Are Just One Skill Away 
From The  New Future!
To summarize, you will start to use Mind in a way that can bypass the triggers. You will learn the skill on how not to allow any internal suffering occur in you business, career and personal life along the life journey.
The course combines training and coaching into one. It covers all angles in life journey. 
You have option of doing 1-on-1 Coaching that may cover 8-10 hours in totally.
You can either live the rest of life as how your mind were and lose control in life or take the power back!
Remember, you're just one skill away...
-Dr Angela Wilson
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