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Ultimate Skill On Mind Potential To Dominate Life 
Regarding Mind, We Are All Wrong. This is Why Most Celebrities, Billionaire, Millionaires Don't Have The Awareness of  on-going 30-100% of Wealth Loss and Keep suffering of various situations...
Albert Einstein — 'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them'
We Enhance The Mind Capacity On How To Retrieve Wealth and Secure Success Effortlessly, And You Will Generate Power!
-Dr Angela Wilson | Lifetime Wealth & Success Coach
Dr Angela Wilson Is Known By Hollywood Circle Since Oscar weekend 2018

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How Did Mind Samurai (TM) Series Programs Created For Achievers? 
      —By Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.) 

As I look into the faces with the relief of students, achievers who attend my Online Face-To-Face interactive Training and Coaching courses, I know I am doing the right thing. They will never live with a sense of uncertainty and fear anymore. 
They have the tool on how to pursuing wealth and success as a Mind Samurai without being trapped and triggered like Apple Previous CEO Steve Jobs, billionaire fashion designer Kate Spader, and many other high achievers failed into the same unwanted destination.

“Dr. Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered. ---Darren Harris 
“Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening. ”
--- Shelley Kenny

“With Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Lady, I call her -‘Super Woman’, you can get a convincing answer of every doubt and suspicions buried inside, The value I got from her is priceless, I was powerless, and now I am powerful. She is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. Check out yourself!”
—-San Inyoman

I am paid-off, although it took me ten years and half a million US dollar investment travelling around world learning and mostly to find the solutions on loopholes from world-renowned coaches, mentors, masters, gurus, covering business, wealth, success, health, healing, ect, besides my academic study and decades clinic experience in psychology, dealing clients suffering from business issues, family problem, anxiety, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, ect. 

Kevin Costner, the actor in movie Body Guard, said in his speech at Whitney Houston’s funnel: “It was the burden that made her great and the part that caused her to stumble in the end”. Many high achievers are doing their best taking care of physical, emotional, and mental health but still can not avoid the same fate like early death, in jail or die in enormous pain. See more real samples at

Looking back at my life since a kid, I had been obsessed with finding the hidden secrets on why successful individuals always end miserable and may have less satisfaction index than those who choose to be average.

 "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". Albert Einstein    

I have practiced unique mind tool as a kid to survive in any situation, and I wanted to make sure works on anyone with different cultural, belief, race and language background, and upbringings. So I traveled around the world, testing various tools and skills. Many times I risked my life just to find the answer when nobody can provide what I wanted. 
My experience with high achievers helps me to identify who are those I feel the connection with and who can benefit the most from my offers. The more ambitious and creative the individual is, the more effective this individual can master the mind skill I coach on how to dominate the life journey.

This discovery helps me to simplify the program again and again.

Yes, my programs are designed for those ambitious achievers who are like me. Never give up! Want stay feeling powerful when nobody is around! When nobody can count on! When aged! When …in any situation!  

The secret is that desire and ambition can be used as an essential power to get rid of stress and physical and emotional tension if we know how to play with its power.
My practice on the mind power like a samurai with sharp instinct 24/7 as early as six and it brought me ability in spotting the liars and risks for investors, and it brought my luck to live comfortably, and I can start focusing searching for the practical answers on how to take advantage of ambition and desire to get rid of stress, overwhelmed tension and physical and emotional tension.

I want to help as many achievers at my reach so that they can make a positive impact on the world. I do know there will never be a global peace unless each of us understands the art and hold the internal tools on how to free from the mind prison and live without internal conflicts. 
 This is why I decide to reveal all secret mind tool to my students. I give it a trademarked name “Mind Samurai”. 
I am Dr Angela Wilson; Achievers Resources Pty Ltd provides Mind Samurai series coaching and training program in One-On-One or a group Face-To-Face Remote Global Online.

A Mind Samurai can dominate the game of mind maze, escape the trap and bypass triggers so to control the destiny on the life journey.
It is not for everyone but for those who aim to free from suffering in protect wealth and stay success because of low productivity, poor performance, fear in sale, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.
 It Covers any angles in the whole life journey from birth To death, including business, career, and personal life. Kindly see more details at
For Not-For-Profit organizations, I do offer free service at
'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them' — Albert Einstein
Misconception On Mind 
We Are Fooled By Own Mind, and we are trapped by the maze that our mind play with us. 
This is why we make lifetime effort but still end up with unwanted tragedy and we fail to stay success and protect wealth along the life journey.
Achievers Resources Pty ltd is a place where achievers have chance to weapon themselves with mind power, the warrior and samurai who master the game of mind that matches the goal and the state they want and need on the life journey pursuing wealth and success.     
Our Mind Is Playing Game With Us
Free From Suffering Is Easy
We Just Need To Know How To Take The Power Back by Juggling Between...
Collection Of Testimonials
Two Artists Made A Song For Dr Angela Wilson, Collecting 
From Massive Testimonials That Brings Clarity Of What She Is Capable Of
Dr. Angela Wilson is called The Mind Power Lady, 
Superwoman, wise woman, a soul thats amazing

Skilled to the highest degrees, shes inspirational 
Effective, approachable, caring, and Professional
compassionate to both those near and far
known by many celebrities and Hollywood stars.

Shes the one you can't afford to miss out
for entrepreneurs she clears all doubts
business owners they know what its about
if you desire a safe journey she'll show you how

The value from her is priceless, in critical need or not
she'll help put you in that number 1 spot
She has coached Many consultants and religious leaders,
spiritual masters, coaches and speakers, 

All sorts of successful individuals come her way
She's transparent and will help make the best of your days
sharp, accurate, rational and practical
more than capable shes passionately admirable  
giving you convincing answers of every doubt 
clear all suspicions you bury inside, let it out!
Her teaching material are the most complete & perfect
That's why Dr. Angela Wilson is always worth it

She removes the loopholes of all techniques 
Merging all positive parts into one single piece
She is a short-cut to tap into one’s full potential
in business, and career she is essential

For personal life she designs the balance
to secure one’s whole life is just part of her talents

You will become a walking powerhouse, 
break the waves like a lighthouse
shift from a peaceful zone diligently 
to a Inspirational zone instantly 
High performance, productivity 
becomes a part of your quality. 

No more feelings of despair
powerlessness will no longer be there

You will become a scanner a top notch planner
to handle any endeavor through any manner
protect your fortune with an iron grip
and easily spot hidden risks in partnerships

With Angela, the phoenix from the ash,
You can grab hold of your life and bring it back
You will have the power to break the curse
stop and prevail from getting worse

Be like Angela let her unlock the key
divine in sync with unity 
cause she's more than just a coach
so employ her holistic healing approach
you will embody peace despite your busy life
so you can live it just right

Angie’s ability to take you deep is unmatched 
in the real world she is the catch
Angie takes one to places that others can’t 
The journey is both fascinating and elegant

So be enlightened and make your own destiny
no more living by chance live it plentifully 
have the power to escape from Success In Vain
cause through Angie it can all be obtained
" With Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Lady, I call her- "Super Woman", You can get a convincing answer of every doubt and suspicions buried inside. The value I got from her is priceless,I was powerless, and now I am powerful. She is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. Check out yourself!."
- San Inyoman (Entrepreneur, Super Achiever )
" “Just had a very interesting session with Dr Angela on tapping my inner energy to power my personal and business life. I feel confident that I can be the maker of my own destiny instead of living my life by chance. Highly recommend Dr Angela Wilson to anyone looking to guidance to change their life right now."
-Claude Fullinfaw ( Business Owner )
I never knew Dr. Angela Wilson is the person I have been searching for forty years, and I am so...lucky that I found her online sharing what she can do what others professional can't not, because of I am a life coach. I started the one day 1-On-1 coaching with a long list in hand. It shocked me that actually, it is just a small tiny part of the coaching program designed for. 
 I walked away not only with the clarity of the blueprint of the rest of my own life journey, but most importantly I hold the practical tool on how to handle any, I mean any, unexpected situations in the "uncontrollable" future. 
The breakthrough of diagnosed depression that bothered me for five months is just a bonus. 
If you like me who want to get rid of any kind of fear and live with inspiration, you must come to Angie. I don't know how she did it, the magic just happens.      
-Elena Cyr     (Business Owner, Life Coach)
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