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“I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.” Angela uses a very practical and effective approach to understand the root causes of any ailment. I appreciated her insight into my situation within one session. I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.
- Aida Samoor  Project manager

Gold $2997 

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Fit: Complex of situation |  Build Up A Lifetime Strategy | Build up Implementation Structure | Risk Prevention Strategy | 30 days 24/7 Voice Message support

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 Fit: complex of situation | Build Up A Lifetime Strategy | Build up Implementation Structure | Risk Prevention Strategy | N/A -24/7 support

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Fit: One or Two Issues | Consultation | Solution | Risk Prevention | ​N/A-24/7 support
"Your Material Is Most Complete & Perfect. You are an amazing soul and Skilled to Highest degrees."
- Jamie Wilhelm Business Owner
"Dr Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered. 
- Darren Harris   Business Owner
"Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening. 
- Shelley Kenny  Business Owner
"With Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Lady, I call her- "Super Woman", You can get a convincing answer of every doubt and suspicions buried inside. In short word: I was powerless, and now I am powerful. She is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. Check out yourself!"
- Sam Inyoman  Entrepreneur
“In contrast to the “band-aid”..Angela’s approach addresses the deeper, more core causes of health issues.” “In contrast to the “band-aid/ just take another pill” approach that is epidemic in our society today, Angela’s approach addresses deeper, more core causes of health issues, which is refreshing and genuinely helpful.”
- Robert Grayson  Comedian
“Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge.” I carry a medically incurable family disease and had learned like kinesiology, many types of medication, hypnosis, NLP, etcetera in the past decades. As I Have never given up hope for a higher level therapy, I found you, Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge. 
- Cynthia Watson   Executive 
“She knows how to get inside your skins, helps you purify yourself and leaves you with a zest for life.” 
- Eddie Dowd  Social Worker, 
Therapist, Counselor
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