Suicidal Prevention And Peaceful Death
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“The first and the last-poverty and death! At one time or another during life I tighten my grip on all people through one or both of these. I plant these fears in the minds of people so deftly that they believe them to be their own creation. I accomplish this end by making people believe I am standing just beyond the entrance gate of the next life, waiting to claim them after death for eternal punishment. Of course I cannot punish anyone, except in that person's own mind, through some form of fear-but fear of the thing which does not exist is just as useful to me as fear of that which does exist. All forms of fear extend the space I occupy in the human mind. ”  
------Outwitting The Devil P61 Napoleon Hill

Free From Unwanted Death Can Not Be So Easy!

Although There Is No Real Fix Using Psychiatric or Or Alternative Methods

List Of Suicide 

Hang up himself#Kushal Punjabi self-love and change internal energy flow to free from mind prison and adapt relationship
Suicide #EllenLoo Although there is no fix using external methodology on bipolar, it can be vanished by using our own secret part of mental power unknown by the most.
Suicide #Once we know how to build up the internal strength like a warrior, which I call it "Mind Samurai", we can dominate our destiny.
Use the Power of Mind on prevention and rehabilitation 

Train the strong awareness of the change of energy flow to prevent 
“multiracial transgender people are experiencing disproportionately higher levels of attempted suicide,” #camilamariaconceptcion

Once we give ourselves permission of freedom from the Mind Prison, we can change the destiny
“Preliminary evidence suggests that this is possibly a suicide.” #SilvioHorta
 Redirect the energy flow of the emotion to prevent Suicidal Attention 

List of Unexpected Death

 Dominate the mind to avoid mind drifting is critical
Helicopter crash#KobeBryant
 Prevention: Train the body sensitivity as a sensor of energy inside the body. One Soul, My lives. Train how to leave the body in critical situation
We are beyond the body. We have the ability to monitor how, when we die-leaving the body. it is such fun. 
Once understanding the energy flow, we can trigger the mind to enjoy the feeling of the drug within really taking it
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