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Be Powerful Forever
  •  No Stress Forever
  • ​No Mental suffering Forever
  • ​Live Beyond The Triggers Forever
  •  Live With Prosperity Forever
  • ​Save Decades Effort Forever
  • ​Live With Fulfilment Forever
Are you feeling burned out? Worry out of control? Want to stay powerful?
You love money, success, control, but hate being woken up at night because of a panic attack.

The medical pill is not your option. You love your creativity, innovation, and competition, but just hate lack of concentration, racing thoughts, and endless worries and fear of loss.

You worry your agitation and irritability could damage big deals.

Deep inside, you are afraid one day you would stumble in the end.

You know you are squandering, and you don't know how to stop it.

Get rid of frustration from massive projects, clients, investors, and contracts is vital to your continuous success.
Sounds familiar?

There is an ultimate solution with unshakable results that works forever. You will have an unfair advantage over anyone else. Sign up now for the free online seminar and empower your lifelong success!
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Hear The Word On The Street
"Dr Angela Wilson's ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered..."
Darren Harris
 Business Owner
"Angela takes one to places that others can't. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening..."
Shelly kenny
"She is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey.."
San Inyoman 
10 Million USD Achiever Entreprenur
“Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge.” I carry a medically incurable family disease and had learned like kinesiology, many types of medication, hypnosis, NLP, etcetera in the past decades. As I Have never given up hope for a higher level therapy, I found you, Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge. 
Cynthia Watson 
(Management Team)
“In contrast to the “band-aid”..Angela’s approach addresses the deeper, more core causes of health issues.” “In contrast to the “band-aid/ just take another pill” approach that is epidemic in our society today, Angela’s approach addresses deeper, more core causes of health issues, which is refreshing and genuinely helpful.” 
--Robert Grayson 
“I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.” Angela uses a very practical and effective approach to understand the root causes of any ailment. I appreciated her insight into my situation within one session. I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.
 --Aida Samoor 
(Project Manager)
You Tried For Decades, But Still Suffer...
When We Lose Control In Health We may Lose 100% of Profit, Unless Our Beloved One Love Us More Than Their Lives
Internal relationship, the physical, emotional and mental health is the foundation of sustainable Profit growth. It can be affected by our decision based on the limited conscious mind, which covers only 10% of human potential. Only when the resolution passes the test from both the subconscious mind (10% of potential) and unconscious mind (80% of potential ), and all three minds can align with the whole life journey, we will have 100% of certainty and success.
The brutal truth is that daily activities and social or non-social environment can trigger our emotion like dating, marriage, intimacy, pregnancy, parenting, job, promotion, business, investment lose, abuse, etc. 
 This is the time we can lose control in business, investment, and of course profit growth.
To protect us from the profit loss and stay safe in lifelong benefit, we have to free ourselves permanently from any emotional and mental suffering. The emotional and mental symptoms can trigger physical health issue and be triggered by the physical health issue.
We all know there is no tangible fix in the medical and spiritual world. 

This is why we are stuck with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, Suicide Attention, schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Impostor syndrome, Substance abuse, Bipolar, Addiction, Cancer, etc. all life journey pursuing wealth and success. 

If we don't take over control in how the game runs in the mind maze, we will likely get off track along a certain life period or at least we will be taken anyhow at the last stage of life journey. 
There Is No Magic Pills, But Hard Work...
You need to find A mentor who know loopholes and can bridge the gaps between
Is to Get a permanent fix without consequence but lifelong benefit.
Is to lift your spirit and shift your mind to a completely new dimension.
So you are able to disconnect with those what hold you back and one day will take you down.

It may sounds too good to be true. It’s not.
But your dream can come true through Dr Angela Wilson, the Million Dollar Mind Samurai Coach.
Is There A Hope?
'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them' — Albert Einstein
But We can make it happen. 
We can remove all knots and join all dots in mind and take you to what clients described as " the awakening, enlightening and peaceful" zone. Once you are there, you will get the epiphany on how to use the mind and think at the high level that can bypass any triggers and trapped in the mind maze. 
From then, you can empower success with profit growth quickly by implementing knowledge with a creative mind safely. 

You Are Just One Journey Away
From Free From Suffering To Mind Freedom
Internal Relationship : Physical and emotional Health | External Relationship: Interpersonal  In...
Remove All Knots & Joint Dots
Free From The Suffering
The Mind Experiences The High Level
Start Practising Use the Mind Without Being Trapped and practise on How to generate power
Mind Triggers On Investment Property 
There Are Hidden Triggers in The Mind Why So Many People Die In A Luxury Property
What Do We Do? 
  • We offer health check between Clients and the property
  • ​We Suggest The best property That fits The 3 Minds
  • ​​We consult on the lifelong benefit between the property and Internal Relationship
  • We coach on how to use the property environment for  specific purpose
Dr Angela Wilson, Spoke On Property Energy 
As Fengshui Master
Double Security Of Your Success
  • Dr is Interviewed By Dr is Interviewed By GuangDong TV Station 
  •  Dr collaborate with traditional Yang Property And Yin property expert to double secure your future
  • ​The Loopholes in the traditional Fengshui methodology on your property will be removed
  • ​Dr coaches The practical Mind Tool
 Investment Immigration 
We Remove  Mental Triggers On Cultural Transition And Business Settlement
We Collaborate With Vita | Immigration Company
Your Shortcut To The Powerful Future
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