Wealth Mindset Doesn’t Give Us Power When Facing Crash 
The human mind is resourceful as well as complicated at the same time. Being a human, we all possess certain specific positive and negative emotions. These emotions control our mind, which eventually controls of deeds. As a human, we all desire to have a healthy body with a sound mind. In this context, emotions play a great role. 

In today’s fast and advanced world, we want everything, almost everything. We want wealth, success, a healthy love life, a healthy body, and so on. There should be no item left behind in our life menu. Here, the greatest misconception that we carry on with ourselves is that wealth is the root of all our sorrows. Earning more and more wealth can solve all the problems in our life. Our mind is overtaken by such infectious feelings.

This, we are having a wealth mindset that tends us to do anything to overcome the desired goals. We run and work harder to get the higher position incessantly and never hesitate to do something wrong in the path. As because at this stage, our passion is greater than any moral thought. 

However, the wealth mindset doesn't give us power when facing a crash and yes! It's true. There are many successful personalities with a millionaire or billionaire mindset who possess a lot of money. They look hail and hearty from their appearance but suffering from inside. They have money more than their needs, but no internal peace of mind. Many of them are suffering from various mental disorders. This is because they have no control over their mind. They have got infected with negativity all around.

Always remember wealth can bring only materialistic kinds of stuff in your life, but it can't buy the health, happiness, and many invaluable things in your life. This doesn't mean that you should not earn money. You should earn money and make effective efforts to acquire it. Otherwise, how can you survive in today’s advanced world? The thing that we want to make crystal clear is that whatever you are doing, make sure your deeds are right. 

Don't let negative or infectious feelings or emotions like jealousy, revenge, competitiveness, hatred, etc. control your mind as these inculcate unhappiness, dissatisfaction and in comfortability within you. Try to uplift your mindset to the inspirational zone, then only you can achieve the perfection you actually crave for.

It is understandable that we know what we should do but hard to make it happen.

Don’t worry. We can avoid the hard way that do not really fix the issue, since we know depression is incurable. We can bypass what doesn’t work. Albert Einstein — 'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’. 

What we need to do is to shift the mind from infectious range to inspiration zone where the symptoms don’t belong to. This process can be done within 48hrs that benefit the rest of lifelong qualify. As an achiever, it is such an opportunity to take the internal power back and secure the wealth and success for life.



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