What do most leaders miss out? 
Being a leader is not a mere thing. It is a huge responsibility. A true leader means a person who is capable of creating its own way. He knows the way, shows the way, construct the way and leads the way eradicating all the hurdles. He must be smart, confident, decisive, inspiring, passionate, trustworthy, communicative, understanding, and innovative and so on. However, instead of possessing all these qualities, most of the people fail to hold the grip with their team because of some missing significant factors or qualities within their leadership.

Before leading a team, a person must have to capable of leading itself. He must have to be strong enough to dominate his destiny by terminating all the sufferings. Explaining simply, we must be able to control our desires, our emotions and eventually our motions to acquire lifelong success. Being a human, we possess certain emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger, hatred, love, etc. Always remember everything starts from your own. If you want to do a thing from the core of your heart, you can definitely do it. 

 We must not compare or compete with others. Our life has many other positive aspects too. We must focus on positivity and purify our soul with optimistic perspective. Then, at that time only, we can become great leaders we can proudly stand as an idol for our followers and the respect come out of their internal affection. It won’t come as a duty to showcase. 

As a leader who aim to make difference to the nation, international or global, it is critical to shift the mind to inspirational level, the safe zone. Otherwise, one can easily be trapped into the unwanted destiny. 

South Korea President Park Guen-Hye the first female president of that country is a very good sample.Also from the public eyes, she is either the Victim of political conflicts or she did behaviour wrong. 

Suppose if her mind is at the inspirational zone, she would have the capacity sense the trigger of her own mind that lead her loss the psychological balance staying tall with the boundary. The reason behind it is because of her unsolved issue in the past suffering and also the need of belongs, family.

As a leader, we can easily be taken use of if we have weakness. It is not possible to get rid of the sense of need as a human if our mind stays at infectious range. The only breakthrough and immune with any risky relationship and put our self into danger is to shift the mind to inspirational zone the safe spot.

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