What Must You Do Before Revenge?
The pain of being betrayed is not easy to handle. We all have an ego that gets affected because of the betrayal. Such kind of things always affects achievers emotionally. 

Such kind of incidents can happen to any achievers. So many achievers suffer from betrayal. They feel being taken advantage. And then the first thing that comes to mind is to take revenge. But the revenge only hurts them.

At the point when someone else wrongs you, the thoughts of taking revenge is the first psychological trigger. This emotion can lead our situation out of control. We imagine that by exacting comparable agony onto this individual, we'll make ourselves feel good. While that may make us sick-minded selves to feel better for a brief period, it no doubt won't over the long haul. Searching vengeance doesn't counterbalance the practices that hurt you. It just sustains the cycle of agony. 

We have all needed to apply a type of revenge on something at some point in our lives; it is a typical response when we are wronged. But this is not an effective way to protect our emotion. We, as a whole need that person to pay for what they have done to us. As extraordinary as such sounds, you truly would prefer not to participate in this kind of behaviour.

So what must you do before revenge? You should realize the fact that you have not done anything wrong, therefore you are free from the guilt. Your conscience is pure. You don’t have to do anything wrong with the person because you can make them punish themselves. So you don’t have to waste your time in punishing them. You will feel the pain of betrayal temporarily, but the pain of guilt in that person will last for a lifetime.

You have to understand that you have done nothing wrong. You trusted them and if they have done wrong, then this is not your fault. Let them feel their mistake and fear because they have done wrong. What they have done will affect them in return.

Always keep in mind that anyone who has wronged you will not be happy at all. If you do well with people you will also remain happy. But if you do bad with people you will not remain happy at all. Whenever something bad will happen to them, it will make them remember that they have also done wrong with someone. This will make them realize how bad it feels when something bad happens to us. 

Now, you have to decide you want to take revenge and become like the other person or just want to let it go and smile and move on. That’s all depends upon your psychology that you want to become like them or let karma do the work for you. The one who has a clear conscience is the one who lives well. This type of person carries no burden in their life. That is why living well is the best revenge. Success comes to the people who have such kind of approach to life.
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